Roncalli all Natural Vino Spumante


TYPE – Sparkling Wine Spumante

GRAPE VARIETY – 100% Glera

VINTAGE – 2018


Alcohol 11%

Acidity 5.7g/l

Sugar 0g/l

PRODUCTION: This wine is made from grapes harvested by hand at the end of September. We then transform them into a Spumante using the Martinotti method. Aside from the wines low sulphide content, what distinguishes, and makes this wine so sought after, is the process called Col Fondo. Col Fondo is where the wine is left to age on the lees for an extended period of time after bottling.

TASTING NOTES: This popular wine is a light color and can be recognized by its slightly turbid look with many fine bubbles created by the Col Fondo process. It has delicate aromas of white flowers and green apples, with a hint of butter herbs. In the mouth this wine has a high acidity, with a touch of minerality that leaves a long refreshing after taste.

FOOD PAIRINGS: This wine pairs well with fried chicken, caviar, oysters, risottos, peaches and apricots.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: Best enjoyed when served chilled between 42-46 degrees F.


Case of 6 Bottles


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