Estreme Prosecco Imperial Cuvée


TYPE – Sparkling Wine-Spumante

VINTAGE – 2019

GRAPE VARIETY – 100% Glera


Alcohol 11%

Acidity 5.7%

Sugar 0.3 g/l

PRODUCTION: To produce our Estreme we use the Martinotti method. Our grapes are manually harvested in mid September and left to ferment in autoclave without crushing or adding yeast and sugar for 70-90 days in autoclave.

TASTING NOTES: This wine is of a very pale color with shimmering green hues. A fresh nose of white flowers, green apple and plum can be noted. Fine bubbles ascend in straight rows. It’s fresh like acidity balances perfectly with the sweet ripeness of pear and apple.

FOOD PAIRING: It serves well with Parma ham, Italian cured meats and mild cheeses. Salty snacks enhance wines flavor like freshly popped buttered popcorn, roasted and salted cashews, French fries, and potato chips.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: Best served chilled between 42-46 degrees F.


Case of 6 Bottles


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